LCHS Global Family Investment Office to launch Crypto-Currency Trading Platform

LCHS Global Family Investment Office’s Chief Operations Officer confirmed that the firm will launch their crypto-currency trading platform which is scheduled for early September and the platform will support bitcoin, ripple, ethereum and a couple of other crypto-currencies.

LCHS Global Family Investment Office’s Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer, Mr. Scott Jacobs commented on the new trading platform saying “Crypto is the future and it is where people store money now. We’re seeing digital currency blossom across all four corners of the globe and we hope that this platform will allow us to expand globally.”

“While the price of individual digital currencies may be subject to volatility, especially in this current time, Crypto-Currency has emerged as a fundamental new paradigm that will only continue to increase. Considering the massive amounts of money flowing into the market, it is imperative that a solid security infrastructure is in place,” added Scott Jacobs, Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer of LCHS Global Family Investment Office.

source; 1888 release

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