TradeHerald Becomes The First 100x Leverage Cryptocurrency Exchange with Zero Trading Fees

The coronavirus pandemic may be dominating the headlines, but crypto trading is advancing untethered by the crisis. As people around the globe are exploring the bitcoin investment opportunity as an alternative source of income during the lockdown period, crypto trading with leverage is the best way to boost profit.

Currently, there is a surge in the number of countries exploring the options to incorporate cryptocurrency into their mainstream economy. Some of the recent developments are:

  1. China is set to launch its decentralized blockchain platform next week.
  2. South Korea launched the world’s first legislation for Cryptocurrencies and crypto exchanges.
  3. India’s Supreme Court quashed the RBI ban against cryptocurrency trade and banking services.

Though a lot more legislation has yet to happen, people have already started to reap benefits by trading.

If you are ready to put your trade experience into practice and explore the new growth possibilities, TradeHerald is the right place for you. It is the first 100x leverage Crypto trading platform with zero trading fees.

Currently, there is no other crypto exchange which enables you to take advantage of all trading profits without deducting any trade commissions.

Benefits of TradeHerald Exchange:

  1. Zero trading fees
  2. 24×7 trading with zero downtime
  3. Up to 100x leverage on all your trades
  4. Premium Union Bank of Scotland (UBS) custodian Service for stocks
  5. Google Two-factor Authentication Security
  6. 100 Crypto Trading Instruments
  7. Accessibility to drag and drop the screens to personalize the trading experience.
  8. Multiple trade order types – Market, Limit, Stop and Stop-Limit9. Multiple API Algorithmic trading (Fix API, Web API, Ouch, itch API)

Our trade system is self-explanatory and easy to use. So, you need not worry about how to perform the trade in them. Register yourself to start trading now.

Leverage your time and trade position exponentially to attain profits.

TradeHerald is planning to come up with more intuitive features and reward-based trade competitions very soon.

Source : PR Newswire

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