Verde Leaf™ partners with C-TRAX and launches Verde Leaf Capital™

In a move set to advance operations and support the company’s aggressive growth, Verde Leaf ™, one of the nation’s rising vertically integrated Industrial Hemp Companies, has partnered with C-TRAX Software, a leading ERP solution for industrial hemp business to provide agriculture loans, inventory management, payment processing, and customer management.

Dr. Jackson Garth, CEO of Verde Leaf™, chose C-TRAX only after a thorough evaluation. “We thoroughly researched C-TRAX and required a set of scenarios to test their POS, digital retail technology, support, and training capabilities,” Garth said. “They delivered on every benchmark, which thoroughly impressed us with their responsive enterprise-level capabilities, we’re confident it’s the perfect fit for Verde Leaf ™.”

Verde Leaf™ has established itself as a premier brand and now faces the logistical challenges of high-volume sales and high customer expectations. C-TRAX’s sophisticated tech infrastructure, scalable feature set, and mature API are an essential upgrade for the vertically integrated organization. The company will leverage C-TRAX’s enterprise capabilities to replace deficiencies in their previous system. Another feature that lends a competitive advantage is C-TRAX’s wireless functionality. Verde Leaf™ can now leverage the benefits of C-TRAX’s mobile-enabled iOS platform to utilize technology from the farm to the warehouse.

“We were excited to partner with Verde Leaf™ and to help them reach new sales goals,” said Sean Tolliver, CEO of C-TRAX. “We developed our platform to help retailers and distributors ranging from sprawling operations to individual stores. Verde Leaf™ is a rising superstar in this market, and their trust in C-TRAX validates our hard work and investment in scalable solutions to stay ahead of the curve.”

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