Unstoppable Domains Announces Its First Batch of .Crypto Blogs on the Decentralized Internet

Unstoppable Domains, a company building blockchain domain names, today revealed its decentralized blog (dBlog) service, hosted on IPFS and attached to .crypto domains. With this new feature, Unstoppable Domains offers any .crypto domain holders the ability to quickly build a fully functioning blog. Unlike traditional blogs, dBlogs are not ascribed to any one server. Instead they are decentralized on the IPFS network and consequently can not be deplatformed or censored by central entities.

As great as Medium and other blogging tools are, they rely on servers controlled by those companies,” said Brad Kam, Unstoppable Domains co-founder. “What I publish on those platforms isn’t fully under my control. Depending on what platform I use, where I live in the world, or what content I share, this lack of control could make a big difference.”

The blog tool has a simple interface, similar to Medium and other popular blogging tools. The data is stored using 3Box, a secure and decentralized data storage system that lets users manage and control their own data across the web. Bloggers can use their .crypto domains to launch a blog and host plain text, images, video and audio files, just as they would through a .com.

“dBlogs make a promise to bloggers that centralized platforms cannot: this is your content, fully and forever,” said Danny Zuckerman, co-founder and COO of 3Box. “Whether through paywalls on Medium or algorithms and moderation on Facebook, centralized platforms change the terms on their creators and can co-opt the content and audience they’ve built up. With dblogs, creators can trust that their content can always be voiced, shared and used across platforms.”

Venture capital investor Tim Draper said, “Freedom of speech is a fundamental human right that is being violated all over the world. Unstoppable Domains is offering a way for people to say what they want online without being silenced. This is something that the world badly needs right now.”

Despite rising internet access, internet freedom is plummeting. In a recent report conducted by Freedom House, a pro-democracy think tank, researchers found that global internet freedom has been on a steady decline. Over the past year, government agencies reported arrests, based solely on the users’ social media activity, across 38 countries. The report added, “27 percent of all internet users are at risk at being arrested just for actions taken on Facebook.”

Unstoppable Domains recently launched a Google Chrome extension to thousands of users to deliver censorship-resistant websites and an integration with Opera Browser. To date, thousands of websites have been launched to the decentralized web, and Unstoppable Domains has registered over 200,000 domains.

Source : Businesswire

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