Everipedia’s IQ becomes first EOS token listed on Binance, World’s Largest Exchange

Everipedia, the world’s largest decentralized encyclopedia announces that its IQ Tokens are available for trading on the world’s largest crypto exchange Binance. The listing also completed another milestone for the EOS community when IQ became the first EOS token to ever get listed on Binance, which is currently the world’s largest exchange.

“This milestone is a significant indicator of the growth and maturity of Everipedia and the IQ ecosystem, as well of the EOS ecosystem with Everipedia leading the way,” said Theodor Forselius, Co-Founder and CEO of Everipedia.

The Binance listing announcement comes just a week after Everipedia announced a big push with the company into DeFi (Decentralized Finance). The company intends to release a comprehensive roadmap outlining all future DeFi initiatives in the near future. Binance also released a comprehensive research report on their own website about Everipedia and details about upcoming initiatives by the company.

“Everipedia is the world’s first encyclopedia to use blockchain technology. Our next step is to build out our decentralized finance products into the platform using the same blockchain innovations that we are known for,” said Sam Kazemian, Co-Founder and President of Everipedia. “We’re looking forward to working with Binance to ensure the greatest number of community members have access to the utility of the diverse Everipedia ecosystem.”

Everipedia raised $30M in 2018 in a round led by Galaxy Digital to build out the decentralized knowledge base and other blockchain initiatives. Since then Everipedia has reached several major milestones such as hitting 300 million wiki views, over 50,000 daily active users and have completed a rollout of the decentralized encyclopedia in English, Mandarin, Korean and Spanish.

Trading on Binance starts today giving IQ Token holders all the Binance benefits, including liquidity, cutting-edge trading solutions, dedicated focus on security and decentralization. The Binance listing also establishes a direct connection between IQ and BNB holders, providing them with an efficient exchange mechanism and giving additional utility to both assets.

Source : PR Newswire

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