Officially Launch on Juneteenth “Freedom Day”

In honor of this memorable day, June 19, 2020, specially during this year and the events leading to this day. We have decided to launch our very special project today to show our support and solidarity against any form oppression and inequality…

Introducing, “Smart Money Made Simple For Everyone”. The opportunities in the Blockchain financial sector are limitless. The Blockchain industry is still in its very early stages. Ordinary investors are missing out in the investment opportunities in the Blockchain sector. The process of investing in the Blockchain sector is too complicated for ordinary investors.

What if there is a simple investment process for ordinary investors? Imagine a simpler process, with steady monthly cash flow income revenue, that is safe and secure.

Now there is, introducing which has an investor friendly interface, asset-backed smart contracts. It is safe and secure. There’s steady cash flow income monthly revenue, with a generous monthly profit return of 3% and a generous annual profit return of 36%. Your payout frequency is scheduled and you are able to receive your money in your local currency. Each smart contract deployed is insured and secure, to give investors peace of mind.

The process involves deployment of etherscan address with Ethereum as gas and the Smart Contract is then approved and whitelisted for “WESTO”, The Official Security Token For, to be transferred and stored. The Smart Contract is then scheduled to received profit in % percentage payable in USDT and converted into local currency by company’s facilitator.

There are three (3) options to choose from and investors are not limited to owning just one Smart Contract. They can have as may as they want. Each one differs on the Smart Contract expiration and differs in the scheduled payout times but all have the same monthly return of 3% and all have the same Company “Buy-Back” protocol after expiration.

The’s interface is designed to be easy to understand and the process easy to follow.

One of the underlying assets within the Smart Contract is “WESTO” Security Token and is also considered as “The Official Security Token for”. However, the owner of the contract is not buying the underlying assets but owns only the Smart Contract and can’t sell or buy the underlying assets and can’t store any other assets in the Smart Contract but is entitled to receive the 3% monthly profit which is a generous 36% annually.

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