TECHFunder Changes Crowdfunding’s Status Quo

TECHFunder is bringing a safe and secure fundraising ecosystem to market with the launch of their new platform on July 28, 2020. TECHFunder is a blockchain-focused crowdfunding platform and can be used by anyone with an active need for funding.

The TECHFunder platform will not only provide safe and secure crowdfunding with verified project owners, project vetting, and realistic shipping dates, but it will also put a lot of emphasis on the campaign funders themselves, whom they identify as “the real customers”, by giving them a measure of control and power.

The management team at TECHFunder is made up of crowdfunding veterans with over 30 years of combined experience within the industry. TECHFunder’s founder, Shane Liddell, states, “For more than eight years, I have been actively engaged in the industry. This has been a great learning experience. I can say with confidence that I know exactly what the market requires. It is our mission to provide a safe and secure environment where we put our backers and investors first.”

With this thought in mind, TECHFunder is making a revolutionary move in the world of crowdfunding. Their proprietary fundraising solution means that the “crowd” controls when funders’ contributions are released to project owners according to preset agreements and a unique voting system. If project milestones are not met, funders will be entitled to either withhold milestone payments or to receive a refund of the remaining funds.

While initially launching as a rewards-based platform, long-term plans are to evolve to present projects where private individuals, groups, angel investors, companies, SMEs, institutions and hedge funds can all participate in the funding of projects they find attractive and promising.

The team at TECHFunder is currently developing a detailed whitepaper of their systems and services. This will explain what they offer their funders and how they will secure the system in general. For complete transparency, they will use external auditors to verify any claims made.

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