Board Secretary of Xnmatrix, Cecilia Ma, Delivered Keynote on Decentralized Cloud Computing During ABS2020

The Asian Blockchain Alliance held the first virtual summit, which was also the third annual Asian Blockchain Summit, from July 15 to 19, 2020. More than 200 speakers from various industrial backgrounds gathered to discuss the applications of blockchain technology and its impact on business processes.

Cecilia Ma, the Board Secretary of XnMatrix, a leading decentralized cloud computing platform, delivered her insightful keynote titled “Battle without war: Decentralized Cloud Computing.”

Cecilia introduced the topic of decentralized computing to the global audience of the virtual summit by first sharing her views on the need for a better, decentralized way of distributing computing power.

She said that there has been an enormous rise in the creation of data. In the past 10 years, the data generated has increased by almost 100 thousand times. The demand for data is also increasing to build better AI, and for that purpose, it is crucial to figure out a more efficient way to distribute computing power for data processing.

Speaking of the rising popularity of decentralized computing, Cecilia shared that in the next three years, 70% of massive data and complex computing could be processed using decentralized cloud computing. She also stressed that the decentralized computing power platforms will deliver services completely differently compared to centralized ones and provide compute throughout the world such that it specifically fits the need of the users.

To that end, she explained that their company XnMatrix was working to build a worldwide decentralized computing platform to embrace the challenges in the age of AI and Big Data with security and trust as integral parts of the system.

Elaborating on one of the key technical breakthroughs achieved by XnMatrix’s computing power visualizer, Cecilia stated:

“It enables the various types of computing powers to be standardized into the smallest unit for sharing and exchange. This is in line with our technology concept, which may be different from other enterprises.”

“Our infrastructure was designed to attract and motivate more scientists and algorithm engineers to optimize, promote and contribute to the development of whole computing power ecology. Users and scientists share the dividends brought by high-tech computing power on our platform so that everyone can enjoy computing power easily,” she added.

Source : XnMatrix

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