China’s BSN Integrates with Public Blockchain Nervos in Global Expansion

 Nervos today announced its upcoming integration with China’s Blockchain-based Services Network (BSN) as one of the first public blockchains to join the network. The integration will go live in August with the launch of BSN’s new International Portal, which will cater to global users and provide them with access to low-cost blockchain solutions.

Led by a coalition of prominent Chinese entities like the State Information Center, China Mobile, China UnionPay, and Red Date Technologies, BSN was formed to make blockchain innovation more accessible to developers. BSN’s mission closely aligns with China’s National Technology Strategy aimed at promoting and accelerating the development of blockchain technologies as a competitive edge.

BSN’s support for Nervos and other public blockchains marks an expansion of its global strategy as BSN continues to promote the development and universal adoption of blockchain technology. Currently, BSN’s China Portal only supports permissioned blockchains due to local regulations, but its new International Portal will provide global users with direct access to top public blockchain networks like Nervos.

BSN is bringing together the top blockchain-based solutions into a dedicated global public infrastructure network and provides it at low cost to enable developers to build on the new decentralized internet. Prior to the International Portal and Nervos integration, BSN only supported permissioned blockchain technology, such as consortium blockchain frameworks like HyperLedger Fabric, Baidu’s XuperChain, and CITA.

At launch, BSN will run Nervos nodes on its global city nodes, making the Nervos blockchain and Nervos applications available to millions of potential users and developers through the International Portal. Blockchain developers will be able to access the Nervos network through the international BSN gateway, deploy smart contracts, and execute globalized blockchain services on Nervos. Nervos will also establish its own BSN portal to manage developers and decentralized applications (dApps).

“By bringing together the leading blockchain frameworks into one shared gateway, BSN has the potential to drive blockchain development and adoption at a pace and scale we haven’t previously experienced,” said Kevin Wang, co-founder of Nervos. “The integration of permissioned and permissionless blockchains is our vision for the future of Nervos, so we’re thrilled to become the first public chain to integrate with BSN.”

Nervos expects its integration with BSN to greatly reduce the complexity of accessing dApps and bring a large number of applications and developers to its network. By combining the benefits of both permissioned and permissionless blockchain networks, Nervos’ integration with BSN will help increase blockchain adoption and utilization for a much wider variety of use cases than previously possible.

Nervos was chosen as one of BSN’s first public blockchain partners because of its ability to balance trust and security with scalability and performance via its unique layered architecture. Its layer one solution, the Nervos CKB, is a permissionless, proof-of-work (PoW) blockchain that improves on the innovations of first-generation public chains like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Nervos’ layer two is an application layer for performance, privacy, and diversity, which provides unlimited scalability for dApps.

In addition to its innovative infrastructure, Nervos’ founding team is highly regarded as one of the top technical blockchain teams in China, with deep ties and connections in the enterprise space. Nervos was previously selected by China Merchants Bank International (CMBI) to help build decentralized finance (DeFi) applications and partnered with Huobi to co-develop a regulator-friendly public DeFi chain.

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