Venafi and Unbound Tech Partner for Seamless Protection of Machine Identities

Venafi and Unbound Tech today announced a partnership to enable enterprises managing machine identities and machine-to-machine communication a seamless deployment and user experience, without compromising on security.

The Venafi-Unbound partnership will provide organizations with machine identity protection that is not reliant on hardware, interoperable between data centers on-prem and cloud environments, fast to deploy and easy to maintain. Together, the integrated solution supports business needs by bringing together solutions that both increase security and simplify the protection of machine identities.

“Securing machine-to-machine communications is of massive importance to Venafi, making the integration of our NextGen vHSM® solution into their stack, a clear demonstration of our leadership in the identity authentication space,” said Rocco Donnino, vice president of strategic alliances at Unbound. “Together we are committed to securing their users, whether on–premise or in the cloud.”

Machine interoperability matters when it comes to organizations in 2020. As organizations increasingly rely on disparate systems to communicate with each other, protecting the entire system throughout the entire machine identity lifecycle is critical. Unfortunately, most machine identity management systems are HSM-dependent, and not as adaptable for use in the cloud. However, with Unbound’s NextGen vHSM®, not only are those system compatible with any major cloud service provider (CSP), they are also easier to manage across a single pane of glass.

“Now with the Unbound and Venafi integration, customers can select a complete out-of-the-box machine identity protection solution for keys no matter where they are used,” said Kevin Bocek, vice president of security strategy and threat intelligence at Venafi. “This agility provides our customers with the speed and freedom needed to architect their business in a way that results in increased security. The partnership closes security gaps left open by unprotected machine identities.”

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