Silvergate Exchange Network Expands to Include ErisX

ErisX today announced membership into Silvergate Bank’s Silvergate Exchange Network (SEN) enabling ErisX Exchange and Clearing Members to make nearly instantaneous U.S. Dollar (USD) transfers. By joining SEN, ErisX’s Members have access to the USD payment platform to make withdrawals and deposits 7am to 7pm CT.

“ErisX is a bridge between the established capital markets and the entrepreneurial spirits in crypto that have driven the creation of a 24/7 spot market,” said Thomas Chippas, CEO of ErisX. “We bring a secure and transparent workflow to the crypto space and expand business hours for our institutional members by giving them a wider withdrawal window with fiat by joining SEN.”

“We are pleased to expand our exchange connectivity to include ErisX and their innovative platform for spot on cryptocurrencies,” said Alan Lane, CEO at Silvergate. “ErisX has created a regulated platform with capabilities that will enable more people to confidently invest in the crypto markets.”

ErisX is an exchange and clearinghouse that includes a CFTC-regulated futures market for Bitcoin and Ether as well as a 24/7 spot market for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether and Litecoin. Eris Clearing, ErisX’s clearinghouse, guarantees trades and eliminates counterparty risk.

Source : Businesswire

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