Interview : Smart Contract : A New Secured Block Chain Investment Project

We got an opportunity to interact with Mr. Verlin  Sanciangco, 

Block chain expert, Founder & Managing Advisor at Wes Consulting

 Group Ltd., an International Consulting firm for raising capital for

projects and blockchain technology investments”

Regular speaker at blockchain events & investment forums.

Find herewith his views on blockchain and his new project Smart Contract

  1. Verlin whats your background?

I have been in the business development and real estate industry for well over 15+ years. Now I am managing an international consulting firm in assisting projects in raising funds and offering our advisory services for all sectors. I have been fortunate to have a vast global connection in USA, UAE, UK, EU, ASIA, & Africa to bring in the right people for the right projects internationally.

  • How you thought about getting into blockchain?

 The blockchain technology sector for me is the future. Being involved in different traditional business sectors, I find that blockchain technology will play a massive part in bringing the rest of the other sectors to new heights and new landscape and it will greatly improve other sectors similar to how the internet has changed the landscape of how we do business now compare to 20 years ago.

  • What you want to promote as a group?

As a group we are keen on making sure that people and their projects get the most from our services as they deserve to have the highest level of exposure from the global market for raising funds, branding, and connections. We have been fortunate to have such resources to bring projects to that level and we continue to thrive with newer connections and newer strategic partners and alliances.

  • What is special about smart contract STO?

Our smart contract program is designed for both retail and small investors. Our firm does not just work with big investors who can fund big projects and whose resources are incomparable to ordinary investors. We created the smart contract program specifically designed to be simple, efficient, and safe for ordinary investors without the complicated process of investing into projects and blockchain technology.

  • How will you pay such good returns on investment?

Our business model is simple. Our firm is fully engaged on different projects that are already revenue making and our firm is also engaging on future projects that are both safe and offering impressive returns. By positioning ourselves to collect our fees and having company equities to these projects, this allows us to share profits to our smart contract investors in a monthly basis, or quarterly basis.

  • How investor will feel safe about his investment?

Our firm prioritizes on safe investments that are secured. We have properly place asset-collaterals to secure our smart contract program to give our investors peace of mind and we continue to expand our asset-collaterals to back up our program.

  • What are your plans for growing Indian & Middle east market?

We are associated with Universal CLC, which is headed by Mr. Prashant Pandit. He will be advising us on the expansion of smart contract in India & UAE market. We have already started with good response from top investors. 

On a signing note,

“I am always passionately looking to connect the right people to the right projects…”

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