Version 2 of groundbreaking platform accelerates secure disclosure of research findings

ARTiFACTS today released Version 2.0 of their platform. This major upgrade enables researchers to establish the provenance of their work in real-time — making it accessible and citable before publication.

Utilizing the bloxberg blockchain ledger from the Max Planck Institute, the ARTiFACTS platform integrates seamlessly with ORCID and Google Docs. Users can register files of any type and receive proof of attribution. By making files public, they become citable and remain securely in public records.

“ARTiFACTS adds to the traditional publication process,” said ARTiFACTS CEO and co-founder Dave Kochalko. “For the first time, there is a mechanism to establish a chain of provenance for in-progress research. Sharing work before publication increases transparency and enhances scientific papers’ value when they are published. Validation is provided by the fact that material is instantly citable.”

“Citation attributions from authoring tools, workspaces, and third-party tools deliver real-time credit and exposure unavailable anywhere else,” added Kochalko. “The inclusion of ‘cited reasons’ conveys meaning and context.” 

Practical benefits of the system include:

  • Provide a verifiable record of research by securing files or metadata onto the bloxberg blockchain
  • Comply with data sharing policies or requirements mandated by funders, institutions, or publishers
  • Deliver insights into in-progress research citations

ARTiFACTS is free to individuals and small groups of researchers. Version 2.0 is now available on a commercial basis to research organizations, universities, and publishers. It integrates with third-party information systems and APIs to fit easily into existing workflows.

This release follows 18 months of absolute proof-of-concept testing, designing workflows, and developing APIs. ARTiFACTS continues to leverage strong partnerships with ORCID, the Max Planck Institute, and several publishers.

Source : Webwire

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