Social Network APPICS Moves to Telos Blockchain from Steem to Improve Performance

Telos, one of the most active blockchain platforms in the world according to Blocktivity, today announced that social network APPICS is moving its platform from Steem to Telos. APPICS needed a blockchain solution that would help it scale its growing and global user base of content creators, influencers, and brands, all of whom rely on high performance and ease of use across the network. 

Available for iOS and Android, APPICS is an Instagram-like platform that allows users to earn cryptocurrency for posting and voting on decentralized social media content across 20 categories, including music, fashion, and food. APPICS is incorporated in Switzerland, with its marketing headquarters in Los Angeles. The founding team has been in the fast-growing blockchain space since 2011, with a background in the mainstream artists space.

In 2018, after successfully conducting a token sale, the APPICS team went on a global tour and grew their extensive network of influencers, brands and charitable organizations further, establishing more than 100 ambassadors in over 20 countries. APPICS also secured major partnerships with brands and influencers to launch purpose-driven campaigns on the platform leading up to the main launch to support APPICS’ mission of empowering people and creating more fairness, security, and justice in the world.

APPICS team member and partner for strategic alliances Darin Olien and Hollywood Actor Zac Efron recently hit #1 trending on Netflix with their new docuseries, Down to Earth. Following the success of the show and increased exposure, one of APPICS’ planned campaigns around sustainability will include major names. Additionally, APPICS’ head of U.S. business operations, Grammy-winning producer Paul Ring, has had a long tenure of success as president of two record companies distributed exclusively with Universal Music over the past 23 years. Ring has sustained a high level of success working with both legendary celebrities and developing artists in all genres of entertainment. 

With a lineup of campaigns, APPICS’ strength lies in marketing strategies to onboard the masses. However, the team purposely held back many of these celebrity connections and strategies until now, because they couldn’t guarantee that all of their followers would receive an instant Steem account and join the APPICS app. The Telos Foundation worked with APPICS to implement a new smart contract and additional functionalities on the back end, addressing frustrations that APPICS users had encountered previously. 

“The organic growth of APPICS since our Beta launch has proven that our strength lies in community building, and in bridging the gap between the crypto and the mainstream. We can’t wait to start onboarding the masses. Especially in turbulent times, APPICS sparks a movement of light, hope and freedom,” said Uma Hagenguth, COO at APPICS. “When we learned about Telos and its advanced technical features, especially being able to create instant accounts, we knew it was the right fit to help us deliver the best possible user experience.” 

“APPICS is a great example of how blockchain technology can reimagine the way social networks operate,” said Suvi Rinkinen, CEO of the Telos Foundation.  “APPICS lets users earn rewards for their time and the valuable content that they create. I, myself, am a daily APPICS user where I’m not only earning money for posts, but making my cat a celebrity. This platform is incredibly engaging and gives users meaningful earnings. This is the type of app Telos can help to grow by making their processes scalable at a global level.” 
On most social networks, users earn only virtual likes as rewards. On APPICS, however, users earn cryptocurrency for their activity in the form of APX tokens.APPICS users earn APX tokens by up-voting and deciding the monetary value of each piece of content. In return, content creators earn 65 percent of the sum, the users who voted earn 25 percent, and 10 percent goes back to the APPICS ecosystem. APX tokens are held in a user’s online wallet to be spent within the app, transferred to other users’ accounts, or converted to other currencies including USD, Euro or Yen. 

Recently, APPICS had faced performance problems on the Steem blockchain. Telos developers were able to help them virtually recreate the functions of the Steem blockchain within a Telos contract and then optimize many elements that had previously been handled by Steem. 

“We were impressed that with Telos we could now fine-tune elements of our UX that had previously been baked-in to the platform. We’re expecting an even better user experience as a result,” said Sandro Ieva, Founder of APPICS. 

APPICS is part of a trend of blockchain-based social media and decentralized content applications transitioning to Telos for optimal performance. Newlife, the platform for artists, fashion designers, and celebrities to test new ideas, will use the Telos blockchain for rewards, governance, and voting. Murmur, the privacy-focused social media DApp, is moving from EOS to Telos to improve resource efficiency and network costs.  

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