DatChat Launches First Totally Private Social Network

While social media censorship is rapidly spreading, DatChat gives users their privacy back. Launched today, and available for free for the iOS and Android mobile platforms, DatChat is a fully encrypted social media and messaging platform. DatChat allows users to change how long posts and messages can be viewed before or after they are shared, prevents screenshots, and allows users to “nuke” entire conversations that disappear from the parties’ devices.

DatChat’s patented  technology also offers users a traditional texting experience while providing total control and security for their messages.

The DatChat private social network creates a secure and completely private space to post, share and comment with your friends and associates. Only those you allow will be able to see your posts and comments. Additionally, messages cannot be screenshotted, forwarded or shared. All posts are encrypted and can be permanently deleted—without a trace at any time or set to self-destruct at a specific time. Based on patented technology, the DatChat social privacy platform creates a unique social network to safely share and talk with your friends without the worry of censorship, getting canceled or the prying eyes of Big Data.

Darin Myman, CEO of DatChat, said, “DatChat strongly believes that we all are entitled to the same privacy and freedom of speech  online that we have talking to our friends in our own living rooms.  DatChat will never censor what you are sharing and commenting. Our technology insures that we do not have access to your messages, so we have no idea what you are talking about.”

Source : DatChat

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  1. Whahahaha )))) And they really think that we will believe them that they created something that will not store the chat copy on some “secret” servers for access of CIS or ANB? Come on…

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