BRK Announces Agreement to Commericalise its Gen2 Technology with Digital Token

BRK, Inc. is pleased to announce that it will supply its Gen2 proprietary camera platform to a gold mining concern. Gen2 fixed cameras and “Iris” micro-body cameras will be integrated into the gold mining value chain from the refining process to smelting into coins and to vault storage. The cameras will integrate into the blockchain and will enable a digital token, backed and valued in physical gold.

Mr. Michael Kovacocy, COO and Head of IR at BRK, stated: “We are pleased to have been selected to help address the pressing needs of the global gold market. We view industrial applications of our cutting-edge Gen2 camera technology as an important growth segment for the future. The financing of the development of mining specific equipment and subsequent significant orders of equipment will be contingent on the successful initial raise of our client – which as per our agreement is set at a milestone of $15m USD.”

Mr. Daniel Serruya, CEO of BRK, added: “We are excited not only to enter into our first commercial arrangement that envisions the placement of our Gen2 camera platform into the field, but to be chosen for such a cutting-edge application of our technology. The introduction of our technology into the world of blockchain verification opens a tremendous opportunity to tap into the market for digitalization and distribution of content by entering what many experts believe is the future of financial instruments and commerce.”


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