Bitfarms Announces Lease Financing for 1,000 New Generation Miners

Bitfarms Ltd. is pleased to announce that it has entered into an equipment lease with BlockFills for 1,000 WhatsMiner M31S+ miners to be delivered and installed in approximately two weeks. BlockFills is the first electronic, off exchange, digital liquidity provider, operating an electronic communication network model. Bitfarms is also pleased to announce that is has reached an agreement, in principal, with Dominion Capital LLC to amend certain terms and conditions of two of its US$5,000,000 loan tranches. The maturity date of the Company’s US$5,000,000 loan tranche originally due April 17, 2021 will be extended to November 1, 2021. In addition, the Company’s loan tranche due June 20, 2021 will add a conversion feature that will allow Dominion to convert debt to equity at a rate of US$0.59 per common share, a premium of approximately 70% to the current market price of the Company’s shares. The aforementioned amendments are subject to TSXV approval and finalization of legal documentation.

Lease of 1,000 New Generation Miners

The Company has entered into an equipment lease with BlockFills for 1,000 WhatsMiner M31S+ miners for a term of 24 months and carries an implicit annual interest rate of 12%. The lease also includes a bargain purchase option which when exercised will transfer ownership of the equipment to Bitfarms at end of the lease term for a nominal amount. Bitfarms will make weekly lease payments that will fully retire the capitalized cost of the miners over the term of the lease.

Each WhatsMiner M31S+ miner produces an average of 82 terahash per second of computing power while consuming approximately 3.44 kWh of energy, or 42 joules per terahash. The mining hardware is expected to be fully operational within two weeks and will add approximately 82 petahash per second to the Company’s installed computing power as well as consuming approximately 3.4 megawatts (“MW”) of electricity. The new equipment will improve the Company’s computing efficiency to approximately 17 PH per MW further extending Bitfarms’ position as the most efficient publicly traded cryptocurrency miner in Canada in terms of computing power relative to electricity consumption.

Restructuring of Existing Notes

The Company has reached an agreement with Dominion to amend the second loan tranche of US$5,000,000 to extend the maturity date from the original due date of April 17, 2021 to November 1, 2021. The interest rate for the period from April 17 to November 1, 2021 will remain unchanged at 10% per annum. As consideration, Bitfarms will issue 1 million restricted shares to Dominion.

The Company has also reached agreement with Dominion to amend its third loan tranche of US$5,000,000 due June 20, 2021 to make it convertible, at the option of Dominion, into common shares of Bitfarms at a fixed conversion of US$0.59 per share, a premium of approximately 70% to the current market price of the Company’s shares.

“The restructuring of our second and third loan tranches with Dominion will provide valuable flexibility and additional time to build cash from operations to improve Bitfarms’ ability to meet its future commitments and obligations as it continues to grow and scale its business. Dominion have been great partners and supporters of Bitfarms as we continue to grow,” commented John Rim, COO and CFO of Bitfarms.

“We are also pleased to partner with BlockFills to lease 1,000 new generation miners, especially during this period when available mining equipment inventory is low. Bitfarms is working with BlockFills to enter into further lease financing over the next few weeks that will allow the Company to add even more operational capacity. Given the recent rise in Bitcoin prices, Bitfarms is well-positioned as mining economics continue to improve after the Bitcoin Halving this past May and we are excited to be able to continue with the execution of our growth strategy,” said Emi Grodzki, Interim CEO of Bitfarms.

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