SecuX Launches Free Evaluation Ushering the Future of Facebook Libra in Offline Retail Payment

SecuX Technology Inc. is a blockchain technology

company offering the world’s first payment terminal that natively designed for cryptocurrency. The

company’s innovative STREAM Crypto Payment Solution is now tightly integrated with Facebook

Libra. It will bring more cost-effective retail payment methods, create more innovative business

opportunities, and speed up the development process of financial inclusion.

To let more business partners share its vision and experience these possibilities, the company is

launching its LibraXpay Free Evaluation Program in August. They invite payment service

providers, FinTech professionals, IT managers in the retail industry, to experience how their

solution works efficiently and easily with Libra coin. Anyone interested to know how they extend

the Libra coin to various payment scenarios can apply for a free trial evaluation kit, here:

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