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As any of you who watch my show know, I generally have not gotten involved in Initial Offerings. Carnomaly will launch its IEO on 10 of the TOP Exchanges on September 28th. Let me explain why I have gotten involved with Carnomaly and I suggest you give them consideration as well.

Carnomalyhas developedCarrChain, the AVB (Automotive Vehicle Blockchain), CarrChain will give vehicle owners the power to manage and update their vehicles history report. Along with data from dealers, Insurance companies, collision centers and DMV”s, the CarrChain will give owners the ability to upload photos of receipts from independent service facilities as well as work they may have completed on their own. This information will all be stored under each vehicles VIN number and secured behind the blockchain. The CarrChain will also speed up the vehicle ownership transfer. With the CarrChain the vehicle owner will have the ability to transfer ownership of the vehicle in real time. This will eliminate the risk of unwanted toll bills, red light cameras and even lawsuits. Our goal is that one day the CarrChain will be the new worldwide standard in vehicle ownership transfers. Vehicles already have worldwide vehicle identification numbers (VIN’s) so why not take this VIN’s and integrate them into the blockchain. Carnomaly will bridge the gap between the automotive industry and the digital world by creating solutions like the CarrChain.

I’ll bet you are thinking, “WHY HAVE I NEVER HEARD OF CARNOMALY?”

This was intentional as they havequietly built their own blockchain and filed Patents on their unique Software. Yes, they have a completed product, not an idea in progress. So now is time to launch and begin marketing the product, which I will be acting as Chief Marketing Officer and Strategist for Carnomaly.


THE SANDBOX SAND   IEO DATE   8/13/2020           PRICE. $.00833

                                                           CURRENT PRICE:   $.076

WAZIRX               WRX   IEO DATE 2/2/2020             PRICE   $.02

                                      CURRENT PRICE          $.135

CARTESI               CTSI    IEO DATE 4/22/2020           PRICE.   $.015

                                                           CURRENT PRICE         $.09

TROY                    TROY   IEO DATE 12/4/2019           PRICE     $.005

                                                         CURRENT PRICE      $.007

KAVA                             KAVA. IEO DATE 10/19/2019       PRICE.   $.46

          CURRENT PRICE        $4.17

Blockchain Capital found that IEOs on Binance showed an average YTD return of around 150 percent. As you can see those listed above did even better.Chart showing average IEO returns for crypto exchanges

Points to Consider

CARR will replace up to 13 different services Auto Dealers use for vehicle assessment and history.

  • These include the services of:
    • Car Fax                Auto Trader                  Insurance Companies
    • Kelly Blue Book   DMV                              Collision Centers etc.
  • The Average annual cost to a car dealership for subscription to these services is $100k per year.
  • CARR subscription is $19.95 per month.
  • Making your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) digital and secure with blockchain technology and eventually create a Worldwidevehicle history reporting
  • Blockchain technology will be the future of digital vehicle information and Carnomaly’sCarrChain will be the pioneer. 
  • With the CarrChain’s Natural Disaster Bulletin, dealers and private buyers will be made aware of possible floor damage to a vehicle. 
  • With the CarrChain, vehicle owners can make custom notes and updates to their vehicle’s maintenance history report. Now when you go to trade in your vehicle all the history is right at the dealer’s fingertips. Owners can even update the car’s ownership information.
  • Instantly transfer ownership of a vehicle in real time, no more waiting for the DMV. Eliminate those 2nd owner toll bills and red-light camera tickets. 
  • CarrChain INCREASES the cars value as well as you will get more for your trade. 
  • CARR is available PRE IEO on the website: only $.15
  • CARR will be listed on 11 exchanges, 10 participating in the IEO.  September 28, 2020 IEO Price $.22
  • CARR has filed Patents for the unique functionality of the Platform.
  • CARR launches for Vehicles with Carnomaly but ultimately Insurance companies will recommend people put all their household assets on the Blockchain through HOMEnomaly. This will make more accurate inventory and claims. 
  • Soon all Apple and Samsung phones’ registered  IEMI number can be loaded through INVENTORY YOUR ASSETS, an APP for the CARR Blockchain, allowing a person to INSTANTLY check whether a phone is stolen. Craigslist scams and stolen phones will virtually go away.
  • CARR built their own Blockchain ensuring control and accuracy and is a Data Mining Project aggregating data from public and private resources as well as User input. Resulting in the ultimate database.
  • Data is one of the most Valuable uses for Blockchain.

Marketing Assets I am Bringing to CARR

A similar Data Mining project is TELLOR,, the Wild West Crypto Show interviewed the founders of TELLOR Sept. 2019.  Tellor IEO was launched October, 2019. 

Pre IEO tokens were available to us for $.25.    About 6 weeks ago, the CEO of TELLOR reached out thanking us for “Putting TELLOR on the map” asking if I was watching it, which I was not at the time.   TELLOR was trading at $14, at that time and today, TELLOR is trading at $70. 

It was the encouragement I gained from the TELLOR experience that compelled me to take the role of Chief Marketing Officer& Strategist for CARR and provide even more guidance and direction.

We will utilize the Wild West Crypto Show as well as our broadcasts to promote CARR, both in the Crypto space and outside it as well.

Currently Ardent Creative has built the website and promotional materials given a long relationship with Founder & CEO Scott Heninger.

We will also onboard Digital Blacksmiths, recently nominated as one of the Top 100 Online Marketing Companies in the World. Digital Blacksmiths is partially owned by Brent & Drews company, founded and Managed by Wilfried Lightart.

Additionally, given the value of Data aggregation, once I had joined the CARR Team, I made sure that the Patent Filing includes ALL possible Applications including:

  • Anything with a Serial Number or individual identifier unique to almost anything.
  • The Executive Team will be in Kerrville beginning September the 14 for a few days as we map out the strategy and tactics for rapid mass adoption and promotion of CARR.
  • Inventory Your Assets is a software designed for the Insurance Industry to create an Inventory of Household assets. This software if owned by an affiliated company and we are discussing adapting it for the CARR program, which will dramatically expedite penetration into yet another market sector to weeks rather than years.
  • There are 70 Million Cell Phones STOLEN each year.  With the CARR blockchain, if phones IMEI or MEID numbers were put on the blockchain, using the APP, you could tell in an INSTANT if the phone is stolen, it’s history, virtually making theft not worth it.
  • Imagine participating with Insurance Companies and putting EVERY Electronic device, Appliance, ANYTHING with a Serial Number in your home on the CARR Blockchain.  This is a HUGE PROBLEM for insurance companies homeowner policies, most people have a very minimal inventory of what they actually own.  You could upload pictures with receipts for items like Jewelry, Artwork, Antiques etc.
  • Insurance Companies could offer a discount for people using CARR Blockchain for their inventory.
  • The potential is INCREDIBLE.
  • The CEO directed the Patent Attorney to expand the Patent filing to include ANYTHING with a serial number or other means of identification to a specific. Item.

If you, like me, see the potential of CARR and have any interest at all, please feel free to contact me with any questions, ideas, or opportunities you may have.


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