Sperax Accelerates DeFi Adoption With Trusted Blockchain Protocol and Unique Token Economics

Sperax, a Silicon Valley-based blockchain company, is building a trusted blockchain infrastructure and deploying unique token economics for a scalable decentralized economy.

With its innovative BDLS consensus protocol, Sperax offers a high-performance module that is more secure than other BFT-based consensus protocols. Sperax BDLS consensus research work has been recognized by IEEE INFOCOM Symposium as well as ACCESS that highlights world-class research in coding theory and cryptography.

In early August 2020, Sperax announced integration with Chainlink’s decentralized oracle network that allows blockchain applications to securely and reliably import off-chain data to use as contract input and export data output to external systems. Application and service developers in the Sperax ecosystem can create smart contracts that are connected to off-chain data feeds, APIs, and traditional payment infrastructure. Bridging decentralized and centralized infrastructures enables a plethora of new opportunities for developers, financial service providers, enterprises and consumers.

Built on a trusted blockchain infrastructure, Sperax token economics is designed to allow cryptocurrency to be used in real-world applications and to encourage all participants to be long term ecosystem partners. Sperax ecosystem issues the SPA network token and the sCOIN stablecoin to incentivize developers and enable scalable decentralized financial applications.

In Aug 2020, Sperax distributed 4.7% of total SPA token supply to 3000+ crypto enthusiasts, who collectively purchased $4.7M worth of 235M tokens through Sperax’s first global public sale. Proceeds from the token sale are solely used to construct and expand the Sperax network. SPA holders have the right to governance by contributing to the design & upgrade of the ecosystem. To help increase circulation of SPA and expand Sperax ecosystem, Sperax team will announce an official listing partnership with a major and reputable crypto exchange in Q4 2020.

Sperax has received an overwhelming amount of support and continues to frequently engage with global blockchain and crypto communities through technical content publications, live Q&A sessions for different regions, updates on social media channels, as well as partnerships with other notable blockchain providers.

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