Redd Announces New Vision, Rebrand as a Source of Global Change for Good

 Redd, in keeping with the spirit of the UN’s International Day of Charity,  is proud to announce its rebrand from a platform with a longstanding niche in digital payments into a full-fledged movement to foster community, social good, and paying it forward. Based on its novel ideal of being a “social currency,” Redd is looking to break down borders and welcome in new users who are looking to join a community of people who believe in doing their part to help support their fellow human beings.

In short, Redd is a global movement to help and support people in need,” says Jay Laurence, Redd project leader. “Redd upholds the idea that every single person on earth deserves kindness, compassion, generosity, and appreciation, and Redd is meant for anyone who wants to be a part of that.”

When ReddCoin, the cryptocurrency mechanism powering the Redd movement, was originally launched in early 2014, it served as the original social tipping digital currency. Over the past six years, the project has continued to evolve thanks to the passion and commitment of a 100% volunteer-based team. With this in mind, the new identity is a realignment of the Redd movement to embrace the “who” and “why”, not just the “what” and “how” of the digital currency.  Redd’s crypto ecosystem is now helping reimagine our lives as a direct result of global upheaval and the necessity for new ways of thinking about how we all navigate our world.  

By providing a mechanism for the transfer of value from any one point on the planet to another, with ease, speed, and mostly without fees, Redd sees itself as a conduit for systemic global change. The platform allows commerce to exist “everywhere and anywhere” and allows “anyone” the opportunity to save and produce sustainable wealth, regardless of their location in the world.

Whether planting trees, donating money to a family who lost their home in a natural disaster, or putting money towards setting up a free school to teach minorities about financial literacy, Redd’s goals will include allowing people within its community to support social movements, global causes, and individuals as easily as clicking a “like” button on a social media platform.

Anyone interested in joining the Redd movement, or becoming an organizational partner should visit

In Phase II of the rebrand, Redd will launch its long-awaited ReddID product, which will not only serve as a username but also as a social wallet. This will allow anyone to directly receive ReddCoin (RDD) over a variety of social media networks with one simple user ID under their control. As a result, Redd will empower content creators, social causes, and humanitarian programs to do what they love and get rewarded for their efforts without restriction or intermediary.

Upcoming events include a Redd Pizza party to distribute immediately needed food to a selection of recipients. Efforts are also underway to partner across the cryptosphere with projects like the OpenAntumID Consortium and ChangeAngel in order to streamline social donations, expand usability and help charities convert that support into fiat dollars. 

“This rebrand is a public acknowledgement of the fact that ReddCoin, now Redd, has always been reflective of this sort of anti-corporate, peer-to-peer-enabling set of ethics. The transition to Redd highlights that the same approach applies to all parts of our lives, not just the technical aspect,” says Laurence.

Indeed, ReddCoin’s vision has always emphasized that its partners and projects are “held to our own high standards of openness, accountability, and user experience as we strive to be an example of not only the stated ideals of “inclusion, love, and support” as stated on its corporate boilerplate. The difference now is that Redd wants to invite anyone who upholds these ideas into its movement, whether or not they understand — or even care about — the blockchain technology behind the digital currency that powers the platform. 

The team stresses, however, that the new Redd has a place for those longtime ReddHeads who have played an integral role in developing and staking on the platform. 

“It’s about as being involved as you want to be,” Laurence notes. “If you want to get your hands dirty in real cutting-edge tech, under the hood and in the details of our POSV2, you are more than welcome and wholeheartedly encouraged to jump in. But if tech scares you, and you just want to use our organization and financial tools to enable micro-change on your own, that’s equally awesome. We want to open Redd to all people who want to take part and be part of the movement, yet might not have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a master’s in cryptography.”

Alongside its expansion of community outreach and tech features, the Redd project is looking to expand its roster of those ReddHeads who are looking to dedicate a bit more time toward the project. Whether it be developing the tech, getting the word out via social media, or other forms of outreach, Redd is looking to build on its diverse team. With a variety of perspectives on board, Redd can reach that many more voices, cultures and people, furthering its mission of social currency. All ReddHeads are welcome to join our Telegram channel to network and receive updates, as well as on our social channels.

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