Voyager Digital Continues Servicing the Emerging Decentralized Finance World Announcing New Initiatives in the DeFi Market

Voyager Digital Ltd. a publicly traded, licensed crypto-asset broker that provides investors with a turnkey solution to trade crypto assets, today announced new initiatives in the DeFi market, with the listing of & Band Protocol on its commission-free crypto trading platform.

As Voyager continues to expand the tokens and features available to its customers, the Company has also continued to offer customers the tools and assets needed to navigate and maximize access in the ever-changing crypto market. offers customers the power to optimize decentralized finance yields across multiple platforms, such as Compound Finance (COMP) which is also listed on the Voyager platform, amongst others.’s unique economic model has caused it to soar to recent highs of over $35,000 a coin.

Band Protocol provides a secure, blockchain-agnostic, decentralized oracle framework for Web 3.0 applications. It connects smart contracts with trusted off-chain data and ensures the integrities through token economic incentives, effectively creating a trusted information bridge between the Web 2.0 and the Web 3.0 of the future.

“As promised to our customers, we are continuing to expand our DeFi product offering, positioning Voyager as a safe and secure platform for crypto investors to garner exposure needed in the Decentralized Finance market,” said Steve Ehrlich, Co-Founder and CEO of Voyager Digital. “To date, we have made several significant upgrades to our platform to enhance our user interface. As our recent slate of announcements has indicated, we are fully committed to the success of our Company and our overall customer experience.”

In late August, Voyager listed another rising DeFi asset, Polkadot. The token is primed to be a major player in the space due to its interoperability and smart contract capabilities.

Earlier this month, Voyager announced its highest interest rates yet, giving customers the ability to earn up to 9.5% on USDC, 6.5% on BTC & 5% on Ethereum. Voyager also added DeFi assets Kyber Network – the largest DeFi Token – and Chainlink LINK to its interest program.

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