PlayDapp Launches RPG ‘Along with the Gods: knights of the Dawn’ on Google Play Store

PlayDapp¬†, a blockchain game service platform for global users, announced that it has officially released “Along with the Gods: Knights of Dawn” on Google Play Store.

“Along with the Gods” is a strategic RPG (role-playing game) where you can set up your own team of heroes, with five distinct power types. Collect over 100 different heroes and enjoy various combat modes. Take part in, “Hero Dungeons”, “Boss Raids”, “PVP” and “Guild Battles”. Through a combination of rune sets with various effects, character abilities can be radically enhanced. 

To celebrate the official Google Play Store launch of “Along with the Gods,” PlayDapp is releasing game coupons to existing and new users. As the community grows these coupons get better and better. Depending on the number of new subscribers to the in game community ‘Moot’ and shares across Twitter during the three weeks post launch, gamers will be able to unlock awesome rewards such as: In Game Gems, Water/Fire/Earth Hero Scrolls, Character Level boost items Powerful game items such as legend, ancient and mythical hero contracts.

In the future, PlayDapp plans to carry out an update that combines blockchain technology, Non-Fungible Token (NFTs) with a specific item of ‘Along with the Gods’ to realize ‘digital assetization’ of game items. NFT is a standard for blockchain technology that assigns value such as tradability, ownership and scarcity to game items.

Users can acquire NFT items through a blockchain game that introduces PlayDapp’s NFT technology as well as “Along with the Gods,” and at the same time take ownership of these items. The item is highly utilized, due to its ability to be used for various purposes across numerous different games. Additionally, players can realize value from their items by buying and selling the NFT items through the global user-based C2C Marketplace “PlayDapp MarketPLAce.”

“The use of games is increasing around the world as indoor activities increase due to the prolonged outbreak of the new coronavirus (Corona 19) infection,” said Choi Sung-won, general manager of PlayDapp. “Game developers and distributors used to be the main ones to benefit from game sales in the past. But now game users can benefit too. Thanks to applying blockchain technology to game contents.  We have high expectations for the future of the PlayDapp service.”

Right now, “Along with the Gods” can be downloaded via the Google Play Store, and more details can be found at the official Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn¬†Moot community.


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