AccuChain and Vertex Partners Announce MOU for Joint Venture to Transform Hiring Practices in Japan and Southeast Asia

AccuChain, Inc. today announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding to form a joint venture with Vertex Partners Co., Ltd. based in Tokyo, Japan. The joint venture aims to bring AccuChain’s Human Resource software technology to Japan and Southeast Asia. Vertex Partners, a consulting company, helps establish new companies in these regions. AccuChain is an HR Technology company with a resume validation and recruitment platform. The innovative platform allows individuals to create their own validated resumes and HR departments to find the best qualified candidate.

Vertex Partners will initiate customers and partnerships for the success of this new entity. Vertex Partners and their subsidiary, Luce Co., Ltd., a recruitment agency, will oversee sales and marketing. AccuChain brings their SaaS technology platform to the venture. The companies will identify the elements necessary for market success in Japan and Southeast Asia.

The joint venture will allow customers to improve their hiring process, and create a new standard for applicant resumes. The technology is helping to solve the high rate of false information in resumes. HireRight claims 26% of the resumes submitted in Japan have false information. Competition for talent is creating changes in the recruiting process. According to a Robert Walters survey, 72% of the employers in Japan had difficulty finding candidates with the required technical knowledge. The efficacy rate for finding the best qualified person for the job using AccuChain shows promising results.

Notable Features:

  • Key resume achievements are validated by trusted third parties using proprietary validation methodology
  • Resumes are permanently stored and accessible using blockchain technology
  • Using AI/Machine Learning, resumes are checked for fraud

Maura Sparks, AccuChain co-founder explained “Our resume validation and recruitment platform work for individuals and hiring departments to improve the hiring process and reduce bad hires.” Junichi Yukihira, Vertex Partners co-founder and a partner of business co-creation division sees great potential in this venture, “AccuChain is uniquely positioned to advance the hiring of professionals in Japan and Southeast Asia.”

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