Lattice Exchange Announces Early Backers for a Scalable Decentralized Finance Platform

Lattice Exchange , announced today they are launching their decentralized finance (DeFi) solution, built on Constellation Network’s Hypergraph, with early backers including FBG Capital and Alphabit Fund.

Lattice is the evolution of existing DeFi solutions by providing the best price and profitability for protocol users. It enables smart routing for trades and the ability to aggregate liquidity pools and incorporate multiple Automated Market Making (AMM) algorithms on Constellation’s scalable Hypergraph Network. Leveraging Constellation’s Network, trading transactions will be cheaper, more accurate, and faster than other DeFi solutions built on alternative blockchain infrastructures.

The DeFi cryptocurrency space has become a $10B market capitalization, in just three months, offering yield bearing financial solutions for cryptocurrency holders and users. Many of the current DeFi solutions are band aid solutions that sit on non-scalable infrastructures, such as Ethereum, and result in network bottlenecks and high transaction fees. The evolution of the blockchain space, and cryptocurrency industry, has opened up new ways to create trustless lending while creating an entirely new industry overnight. By leveraging Constellation’s feeless, decentralized, and secure infrastructure, Lattice will be the first major application built on top of the world’s foremost scalable protocol built by Constellation Network.

Ben Jorgensen of Constellation and Lattice states, “Constellation is on its way to becoming the most trusted network in the world. We currently work with organizations, including the US Federal Government and US AirForce, to provide an alternative secure communications protocol, akin to TCP/IP but with tokenization and security at the core. Lattice will leverage our secure communications protocol and introduce developers to new possibilities on building businesses and more secure and robust applications that have speed, security, and scalability at the core.”

Vincent Zhou, Founder of FBG Capital states, “We are excited to invest in Lattice Exchange as we believe that Lattice will offer the best solution to the high transaction fees on Ethereum in DeFi. By leveraging the Constellation Hypergraph, Lattice will aggregate liquidity and execute trades at a much lower cost. Lattice and Constellation have the potential to become the new standard for decentralized trading.” While the DeFi space is still in its early stages, it is an important movement in the blockchain space as it is bringing new utility to base layer protocols like Ethereum and Constellation.

Currently, there is a high systemic risk for investors in the DeFi ecosystem due to high transaction fees in combination with a possible severe market volatility and “blackswan” events (like we saw earlier in 2020). Mathias Goldman of Lattice and Constellation states, “By leveraging Constellation’s Hypergraph, Lattice will provide trade assurance seen in traditional securities markets and remove the possibility of network bottlenecks resulting in more complex, affordable, and complete utility of blockchain networks.”

Furthermore, Liam Robertson, CEO of Alphabit Fund, states, “As existing backers of Constellation, we believe that with the utilization of their ground-breaking Hypergraph network, Lattice will usher in the new standard for decentralized exchanges to be on par with centralized exchanges and traditional securities. Lattice is set to spearhead the decentralized exchange movement to new highs by aggregating liquidity pools, lowering fees, and evolving market making algorithms.”

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