Self-Directed IRA Accounts Get Enhanced Access to Private Markets

iownit capital and markets, Inc., a leading digital assets issuance and trading platform, is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with Midland Trust Company to provide investors the ability to invest in private securities and alternative assets through their self-directed IRA accounts custodied at Midland.

Private securities and alternative investments represent a growing segment of capital markets. However, for many investors, access to this asset class is limited and restrictive today, especially through their retirement accounts. Regulatory changes articulated in a recent DOL Information Letter1 aim at expanding access to alternative investments for Main Street investors, highlighting the importance and need to provide long term investors with the choice of investment opportunities to create well-balanced portfolios.

iownit, through its wholly-owned registered Broker-Dealer ATS subsidiary IOI Capital and Markets, LLC, operates a fully digital private securities and alternative assets issuance, management, and trading platform built using enterprise-grade blockchain.

  • The technology underpinning iownit streamlines transaction processing, reduces complexity, and provides cybersecurity to the investors and issuers/sponsors.
  • Through its integration with Midland Trust, iownit enables investors to access a broader range of investment opportunities as they plan and save for retirement.

Midland Trust Custodian is an independent IRA Custodian headquartered in Sioux Falls, SD.  Midland is not a fiduciary and does not provide investment advice or promote investment products. 

  • It provides its clients the options, flexibility, and freedom to take control of their retirement investing.
  • Midland is one of the most trusted, and frequently referred firms of its kind in the country.
  • The integration will also bring operational efficiency into the self-directed IRA space as it relates to investments in private securities.

“We engaged with Midland to offer a solution for the challenges our clients are facing when investing in private securities and alternative assets through their IRA accounts. End to end integration with a leading self-directed IRA provider will simplify the investment process and provide a more secure infrastructure for all market participants,” said Rashad Kurbanov, iownit’s CEO and co-founder. “We built the iownit platform to level the playing field for investors and simplify access to investment opportunities through modern and secure technology.”

“One of the missions of Midland Trust is striving to simplify the investment process for individuals participating in alternative investment products,” said Brad Janitz, Senior Director at Midland Trust.  “We are excited about the tools that will be accessible to IRA investors through the integration of the iownit platform and Midland Trust.”

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