Multy Million $ Ruby backed Real Estate Project from US

Today we got an opportunity to interview Mr. Pedro Gonzalez, A Real Estate developer and Blockchain entrepreneur.He is one of the Managing Directors of Ruby Family Office backed by real-world Ruby gemstone valued half-billon US Dollars.

  1. Pedro Gonzalez what is your background? 

 I received my Physician Assistant degree from the prestigious university of Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science in 2001. Once I entered the real world, I found my love in the real estate industry and business development. 

2. How you thought about getting into blockchain? 

I was presented the opportunity and while doing research I saw the need of the world for blockchain technology.  The tokenization of asset through blockchain technology is a sector that I believe will be a game-changer so my team and I decided to leverage our real-world Ruby gemstone asset to be integrated into the blockchain technology and other projects and there are endless possibilities. 

3. Why a project based on Real Estate? 

Real Estate is the most common asset to grow wealth and produce income and my team believe this is a good place to start. California is the World’s Fifth Largest Economy. I am a native Californian and it’s where my greatest resources are at.   I am familiar with the real estate market and the need to combat the housing shortage. 

4.       What is special about Ruby Family Office projects? 

We created a unique team with over 100 years in experience to bring THE FIRST RUBY ASSET ON BLOCKCHAIN.  We are tokenizing real world assets that investors can be secured with their investments. 

5.       How will you pay such good returns on investment?  

We handpicked the first project where the numbers make sense and we can provide good returns.   We have many more great projects in the pipeline as well and aside from real estate projects, we also work with projects in other sectors like blockchain, impact investments, renewable energy, oil & gas, etc.

6.       How investor will feel safe about his investment?  

We fully understand the investors need for security and peace of mind. We have minimized the risks for investors by leveraging our biggest asset, a real-world Ruby gemstone certified GIA and appraised in the USA. This is a win – win mentality.  For more information about our family office and our asset, investors can visit our website at 

7.       What are your plans for growing Indian & middle east market?

With the help of our partner Mr. Prashant Pandit, we plan to bring this unique investment opportunity in India as we’ve already been heavily involved with other family offices in the UAE as well.  

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