Popular Crypto Education & News Platform, Dchained, Releases New Online Video Course

Dchained announced the release of its brand new online video course aimed at helping new crypto-investors get up-to-speed on the multi-layered and nuanced crypto market. The competitively priced online course is provided in three phases, complete with checklists, instructions, and multiple downloads. The short videos are purposefully engineered to be easily watched and digested, providing a steady and progressive crypto education. The full course also comes with a wide-array of additional perks, including membership access to the popular crypto-investing platform itself.

Dchained’s ultimate goal has always been about education,” said Edmund McCormack, Dchained founder. “We know that many investors are excited about the vast potential represented by crypto-investing, but are still relatively new to this marketplace and don’t know where to begin. So helping those investors get oriented was our original inspiration. Now, we’ve gone one step further and created an easily accessed training course that is specifically geared toward providing a baseline education. And in addition to helping those who want to be more crypto-savvy, the course is also the perfect introduction into the Dchained platform. The terms ‘blockchain’ and ‘crypto’ sound foreign to many, but so did HTML and IP addresses in the early 90s. You don’t have to know how all the pieces work from a technical standpoint to get started. But no one would argue that investing in those players was a bad decision; early investors in Microsoft, Google, and Amazon are all sitting pretty now.”

“Getting Started in Bitcoin & Crypto | The Ultimate Beginners’ Guide”

The $49.95 video-series includes step-by-step instructions for use and a three-month membership access to the Dchained platform. The platform provides educational guides, expert analysis, and members-only discounts across a variety of crypto sites. And video-purchase gives access to the Dchained Community Private Facebook Group, which hosts live Q&As every Tuesday at 7 p.m. EST. Experts answer any and all questions related to cryptocurrency and Bitcoin investment strategies. Finally, purchasing the video-series gives access to the Dchained Social Intelligence Investing Platform, a social-listening tool that allows members access to discussions between cryptocurrency investors, helping members to make smarter decisions ahead of the market.

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