True Tickets and Tessitura Align to Advance Enhanced, Secure, Contactless Ticketing to Performing Arts Venues Worldwide

-Not-for-profit arts venues around the world now have access to enhanced, secure, contactless digital ticketing to assist their reopening plans. True Tickets, the secure contactless digital ticketing service, has partnered with the Tessitura Network to offer its services to the more than 700 not-for-profit arts and cultural institutions that make up the Tessitura community.

Tessitura’s enterprise CRM—the gold standard for performing arts organizations, museums, and other cultural, educational, and media entities—now expands its capabilities with True Tickets’ secure contactless digital ticketing. Using True Tickets, Tessitura’s clients can take back control of their ticketing from the secondary market, better understand individual patron behavior, and take steps to reopen safety.

The True Tickets service allows venues to implement new health and safety measures as they prepare to reopen. Contactless digital ticketing enables venues to bypass will call and remotely issue tickets, minimize interactions between staff and patrons, and open lines of communication if events need to be rescheduled. With digital ticketing, venues know exactly who is attending their shows. The result is a better, safer experience for everyone.

“True Tickets addresses some of the most persistent challenges facing performing arts venues, as well as some of the newest,” said Jack Rubin, CEO and Co-founder of Tessitura Network. “Tessitura has built-in mobile ticketing options, but we recognized that True Tickets’ Blockchain capabilities enhance those capabilities and provide our member organizations with more options for exceptional customer service. Prior to the pandemic, True Tickets’ value in improving how theaters can better connect with their patrons was clear. Now the benefit is even greater as venues look for opportunities to safely reopen in the future and ensure that they know who is entering their venues.”

True Tickets can seamlessly integrate with the Tessitura platform, allowing venues to take advantage of secure contactless digital ticketing, enabled by the IBM Blockchain and run on Hyperledger Fabric, without needing to overhaul their current ticketing system. With True Tickets, venues gain more control over their tickets, from managing secondary markets and eliminating fraud to gaining better visibility over who uses each ticket.

“Tessitura is the market leader in not-for-profit arts ticketing, and this partnership will only cement that status,” said Matt Zarracina, Founder and CEO of True Tickets. “Theaters and other venues have a lot to deal with as they plan to reopen, but ticketing doesn’t need to be another headache. Our goal is to help our partners quickly and effectively adapt their ticketing for a post-COVID world so they can focus on their other reopening needs.”

The partnership is the result of a two-year collaborative effort, growing from a relationship with a Tessitura member venue, the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts of Miami-Dade County. Now Tessitura organizations around the world can quickly adopt enhanced digital ticketing to meet the new challenges of a post-pandemic world.

“While our work with True Tickets began as an initiative to keep tickets in the hands of our community and out of the hands of brokers, their mobile ticketing solution is, now more than ever, a critical component of our safety protocols.” said Nicole Keating, Assistant Vice President, Business Intelligence at the Arsht Center. “The True Tickets service will also support ticket forwarding, allowing us to communicate with all guests about event changes and other updates. Ticketing can make the difference between a memorable experience and a disappointing one. The partnership with True Tickets is a major step forward in continuing our tradition of connecting our community through the live performing arts.”

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