UNICEF has Shortlisted the World’s First Tokenized Search Engine for its Innovation Technology Fund

 Blockchain Company, a multi-million euro seed funded startup, has a considerable chance of winning a UNICEF grant for its innovative solution of humanizing technology, through its tokenized search engine utility “Blockabase” and for aiming to make Stakeholder Capitalism a tangible reality for everyone.

We are excited to announce that Blockabase® , the world´s 1st tokenized, incentivized, distributed and social engagement search engine, has been shortlisted for the next round of the UNICEF innovation fund: a supportive initiative to frontier startup technology projects, aiming to benefit younger generations and helping uplift humans out of poverty, in emerging market economies around the world.

Our world is plagued by so many challenges all happening in parallel at the same time, from climate change to poverty, covid-19 and controversial issues with Surveillance Capitalism, an unintended consequence, manifested by the so called FAANGs (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix & Google). These great companies have helped shape advanced technologies we live with, however, it has most certainly not been a panacea for billions of humans and consumers around the world left out, says Iara Izidoro, Research & Development Manager at Blockchain Company & Blockabase.

Blockabase tokenized search engine aims to include consumers in growth development of the utility platform as stakeholders. We have built an easy-to-use search engine, that rewards any user for submitting every URL, or sub-urls they care about with tokens called BASE by proxy. The search utility also rewards registered users for social engagements within every search result, such as likes, up voting, reputation comments and sharing of urls they discover. This is a far more egalitarian utility than “SEO“related search engines, where businesses have to spend fortunes just to rank their sites on the first page, says Philippe Engels, Head of Partnerships at Blockchain Company.

Not only can Blockabase reach massive scale and make a significant impact on people’s lives as it aims to capture a meaningful share of a $200 billion search market, its token rewards mechanism, means its registered user stakeholders can participate in this ultimate growth process, by accumulating and owning BASE tokens. For instance, school & college innovation programs, social impact projects in partnership with several foundations and social development organizations, such as UNICEF should claim a stake in the emerging token economy, along with our private sector partners.

Ultimately, a considerable number of humans including Generation Z, the most vulnerable, should benefit the most through our stakeholder utility.

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