101 Blockchains Named High Performer Online Course Provider in G2 Fall 2020 Reports

G2.com, Inc. Fall 2020 Reports have announced 101 Blockchains as the High Performer Online Course Provider. 101 Blockchains has emerged as a top performer in the G2 Grid Report for Online Course Providers Fall 2020 and the G2 Grid Report for Technical Skills Development Fall 2020. 101 Blockchains is an independent blockchain research and education platform to cater to the needs of enterprise blockchain practitioners.

G2 released the Fall 2020 Reports with a detailed overview of insights from real-life customers of different online training course providers. 101 Blockchains has successfully gained this achievement by surpassing other competitors with a striking advantage in blockchain education and training. 101 Blockchains team is overwhelmed to receive five badges in the different categories in the G2 Report of Fall 2020 i.e. High Performer (Europe), Best Support, High Performer (Small-Business), High Performer, and Users Love Us.

The CEO of 101 Blockchains, Aviv Lichtigstein, expressed his gratitude to all users for showing their trust in 101 Blockchains. Mr. Lichtigstein said in a statement, “101 Blockchains is proud of being recognized as a high performer online course provider, and this achievement is a milestone. We have been committed to providing the facility of improving opportunities for various candidates to pursue a career related to blockchain”.

He further added, “The results of the G2 Grid Report for Online Course Providers and Grid Report for Technical Skills Development Fall 2020 have been a formidable source of inputs on our services from real customers. The results inspire us to improve the quality of our training resources and other services for our beloved learners.”

The Journey of 101 Blockchains till Date

101 Blockchains started just a few years ago with the vision of creating a dedicated platform to foster blockchain education and research. It provides certifications, training courses, webinars, research materials, and articles, for enterprise blockchain practitioners.

The foremost highlight in the product portfolio of 101 Blockchains points out to the three enterprise blockchain certifications – Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional (CEBP), Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect (CEBA), and Certified Blockchain Security Expert (CBSE) certifications. These certifications have been gaining the attention of many aspiring blockchain practitioners all over the world.

According to the G2 Grid Report for Online Course Providers and the Grid Report for Technical Skills Development Fall 2020, 101 Blockchains has performed well on critical criteria for high-performing, online course providers. 101 Blockchains reviews at G2 have also been a measure of the Grid report. 101 Blockchains has been able to earn the badge of high-performer in the two G2 Grid reports in terms of high customer satisfaction with low market presence. 

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