AVEX Now on LATOKEN Cryptocurrency Exchange, Let’s Get Ready to Rrrumble!

LATOKEN, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, made available the AVEX Token , a digital currency developed by AEVOLVE that will enable millions to become the first to access groundbreaking medical solutions from around the world.  Looking to knock down the obstacles that stand in the way of medical advancements, AEVOLVE, and the AVEX Token, are coming out swinging. 

The AVEX Token gives the crypto-community exposure into the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical and biotech industry as the medium of exchange on a multi-faceted platform, bringing patients, research organizations and medical professionals together with the entertainment industry.

Patients and their families will be able to learn of new life-enhancing medical innovations and obtain an exclusive reservation as one of the first people to access these treatments and cures, the moment they become available. One exciting feature about these reservations is that they are digital blockchain assets that can be sold and transferred on a marketplace, providing liquidity at the click of a button.

AEVOLVE has partnered with ENTROBOX LLC and leaders in the entertainment industry to provide mass awareness for these medical initiatives while simultaneously generating revenues that pass through the AVEX Token when consumers simply pay for Pay-per-view access to their favorite events.

In early 2021, a Mega Boxing event, featuring Logan Paul, one of today’s leading social influencers in boxing with over 50 Million followers, will introduce a state-of-the-art Pay-per-view platform where massive high-impact events can be purchased with popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum through AEVOLVE’s revolutionary platform and its AVEX Token.

This heavily weighted social influencer event will open with various performances and major entertainment from mega influencers, including an impressionably rousing rendition of our national anthem, prior to the main boxing event. ENTROBOX is co-founded by its CEO, Ronald (“The American Dream”) Johnson, the current GBO Heavy Weight Champion. Johnson said “Our partnership with AEVOLVE brings a new era into mega entertainment events where everyone can be a part of impacting lives with cutting-edge medical breakthroughs, while having an experience of a lifetime. By letting the world access our events with crypto, this will open parts of the world who do not use credit cards to watch and enjoy their favorite boxers, stars and influencers in Realtime!”

According to AEVOLVE founder, Rogelio Santos, “Our mission is to deliver the world’s most powerful and impactful medical treatments and solutions over the next decade. We will do this by removing the financial obstacles that have hindered important medical technologies from getting to the people that truly need them and by empowering the scientists and medical innovators behind these solutions with an unprecedented voice to rival the marketing machine of the pharma giants.”

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