Emerita Capital and EQM Indexes Release New Blockchain White Paper

Emerita Capital Indices, in collaboration with EQM Indexes LLC, released a new White Paper titled “The Investment Case for Blockchain.” Since the launch of the EQM-Emerita Blockchain BLOK 50 Global Index on December 29, 2017, there has been a shift in blockchain technology from experimental to robust, real-world, enterprise solutions. The white paper explores the renewed growth opportunity for blockchain, driven by new applications based on tokenization, stable coins, and smart contracts.

As Emerita Capital Indices founder and crypto investor Gabriel Rojo explains, “The recent meteoric rise of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency has helped kindle investor interest in blockchain, as the technology infrastructure behind digital currency. But blockchain has developed as a technology and investment opportunity in its own right.”

Emerita Capital Indices and EQM Indexes co-developed an index to track the combined performance of the 50 leading public companies in the blockchain ecosystem. In order to be eligible for inclusion in the index, companies must derive revenue from and/or are investing in blockchain technology, blockchain companies, or blockchain-enabled applications. These companies are at the forefront of R&D, testing and implementation of blockchain technology, and/or are partnering with or directly investing in blockchain companies and/or profiting from blockchain-based applications such as cryptocurrency mining. The blockchain is a decentralized ledger shared across users that facilitates the process of recording transactions and tracking assets across a business network. This foundational technology is expected to pave the way for significant disruptions across many industries.

The EQM-Emerita Blockchain BLOK 50 Global Index was one of the first to offer exposure to the leading companies engaged in advancing blockchain-based technology. Since its inception on 12/29/2017, the Index is up 82.8% (as of 11/30/2020). EQM Indexes and Emerita Capital Indices serve together as a strategic research provider for the Amplify Transformational Data Sharing ETF (BLOK).

Emerita Capital Indices

Emerita Capital Indices, Inc. is an independent research firm focused on Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, composed of computer scientists, engineers, and financial experts. Emerita delivers world class research and analysis that evaluates the impact of these technologies on economics, business models, and human interactions. Organizations that do not embrace disruptive change will be at a disadvantage in the future. Emerita Capital’s mission is to provide a framework through which 21st century investors can understand and adapt to the transformational technologies that have the potential to upend society as we know it in the years to come.

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