ErisX Introduces Cash Contracts to Enable Short Positions in Crypto Markets and Protect Against Market Volatility

Protect against market downside with ErisX’s cash-collateralized Bounded Futures contracts. Upper and lower bounds cap maximum potential losses, and trading these products may require less collateral than other contracts. Bounded Futures enable short positions and protect position holders against large price movements in the underlying market. These contracts are entered into and settled in cash allowing customers who may be otherwise restricted from holding crypto assets directly, to gain exposure.

“Bounded Futures provide traders the opportunity to take advantage of market volatility in a cost-efficient manner, while simultaneously managing their risk, across Bitcoin and Ether products,” said Thomas Chippas, CEO of ErisX. “These contracts are one initiative among many that we have been working on to simplify access to the crypto markets.”

ErisX provides access to crypto markets without sacrificing security, performance or the protection of market oversight, and is the only U.S. based exchange where customers can trade spot and regulated futures on cryptocurrencies on one screen. Sign up, fund and trade within one month of opening your account and ErisX will credit you $50 the next month for your next trade.

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