FINDORA Research Foundation Grants 2 Million to LZMicro

 LZMicro is a leading integrated circuit design company and ZK-as-a-service provider, made up of experienced doctors from Harvard and Maryland Universities, offering a new category of computing hardware for cloud, edge and IoT industries called Privacy-Preserved Processing Unit (PPU). LZMicro has offices and teams in Silicon Valley, Shanghai and Beijing.

Regarding the investment grant given by Findora to LZ Micro, the Findora team pointed out “to be very excited to be able to support a startup that has a very clear mission of the existing needs in the market for reliable data transactions in the new digital economy of which Findora is part of it.”

“Their business approach and their innovation to offer new, more efficient hardware products focused on privacy, are some of the technological pillars that convinced us of LZ Micro to support them.”

With this new investment, FINDORA expects to provide the world’s first confidential ledger products under the name “zkLDB,” which comes preloaded with a comprehensive suite of privacy-preserving auditing tools that are fully compliant and enable advanced auditability.

The FINDORA’s open financial network has been built from the ground up to address many of the “pain points” of traditional finance. This is achieved using a vast and advanced tech stack based partly on blockchain, featuring the latest zero-knowledge proofs (zk-SNARKS, ZK-Rollup), accumulators (RSA) and Pederson homomorphic commitments and much more.

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