Sino-Global Appoints New Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer

Sino-Global Shipping America, Ltd. , a non-asset based global shipping and freight logistical integrated solutions provider, announced today the appointments, both effective January 28, 2021, of Mr. Lei Nie as the Company’s new Chief Operating Officer and of Mr. Xintang You as the Company’s new Chief Technology Officer. The current COO, Mr. Zhikang Huang, will continue to serve as a director of the Company and will become the Company’s Vice President — Operations. The current CTO, Mr. Yafei Li, will become the Company’s Vice President — Technology.

Mr. Nie has been an employee of Sino-Global since 2017, where he has served as the Company’s principal IT architect. Prior to joining Sino-Global, Mr. Nie was a senior architect in IBM China, where he acted as an iVIP Account Manager for IBM’s Asia Pacific/Greater China Group, an Advanced Technical Support Pureflex Team Leader and Lab Based Service Solution Architect from 2006 to 2017. Mr. Nie is the spouse of Ms. Tuo Pan, Sino-Global’s acting Chief Financial Officer.

Mr. You has more than twenty years of experience in semiconductors and intelligent hardware, cryptocurrency mining server design and ecology. From 2011 through 2020, Mr. You was the Chief Executive Officer of Shenzhen Rayshine Technology and Shenzhen Ethermicro Technology, two companies focused in the cryptocurrency industry. Mr. You has assisted with the development and establishment of Bitmain’s factory in Shenzhen, and his businesses have been strategic suppliers of Bitmain.

Mr. Lei Cao, Chief Executive Officer of Sino-Global, stated, “Zhikang and Yafei have been vital to our operations for years. We are pleased that they will continue to support and strengthen Sino-Global as we seek new opportunities for growth in the future. Lei and Xintang bring with them experience in information technology, including in particular blockchain and cryptocurrency expertise, which we plan to explore to find ways to leverage these and other innovative technologies in our business platform. Such technologies may be key to the next steps in expanding our traditional logistics service expertise.”

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