SOS Announces Development of Cutting-edge Series of Security Systems Based on Blockchain and AI Technology Competing the Initial Phase of its Blockchain Strategy

SOS Limited announced today that it has completed the initial steps of the execution of its blockchain strategy, and successfully developedĀ  cutting-edge firewall system, personal biological information storage system, and antivirus system all of which are based on blockchain and AI. Copyright of these software systems have beenĀ  registered with the PRC Copyright Protection Center.

In addition, SOS also owns close to 100 software copyrights and 4 certification, all of which are related to cloud computing for rescue and insurance marketing, and blockchain-based Infrastructure. These intellectual property assets demonstrate a solid and complete ecosystem for marketing solution for the rescue service and insurance industry based on blockchain, big data, AI, 5G and satellite network in compliance with the industry, national and international standards, such as ISO, etc.

SOS recently established a subsidiary named “Qingdao SOS Digital Technologies Inc.” to be focusing on the research of cryptocurrency and blockchain-based insurance, blockchainized security management, DeFi, etc, Dr. Eric (Huazhong) Yan is appointed as the President of this newly created subsidiary. Management expects to announce more innovative solutions and products related to the blockchainized security framework in the near future.

SOS Chairman Yandai Wang commented, “R&D is our lifeblood and our growth engine. We anticipate investing 15% of our revenue in R&D and the annual growth of R&D budget to be over 10% in each of the next 5 year .”   

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