Code Chain New Continent Limited Announces Executive Leadership Team to Enter Cryptocurrency Market

Code Chain New Continent Limited , a leading eco-technology company, is pleased to announce the appointment of David Feng to the role of Co-Chief Executive Officer and Dr. Jianing (George) Yu to the role of Chief Operating Officer, effective immediately.

David Feng holds years of experience as a senior computer network security engineer. As the strategic expert and architect in Blockchain, he has applied for several patents on Blockchain core technology, artificial intelligence, and big data. For an extensive period of time, Feng has researched and explored how to apply Blockchain technology to computer network technology security. He continuously strives to explore the security, technical details, and application of Blockchain cryptocurrency. As a result, he often gets invited to provide e-currency consulting services on various topics like alternative currency planning, Bitcoin processing, compliance, monetization strategy, and risk management, and virtual currency platform.

Since 2006, he worked in the Henan Pingdingshan Branch of China Network Communications Corporation, where he was mainly responsible for the construction services of new countryside informatization. After founding Henan Jinyi Internet Technology Co. Ltd. in October 2008, he held the company’s general manager’s post by the end of October in 2014. From November 2014 to August, 2016, Feng worked as the technical director at Yikedao (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., where he deployed a home delivery application with online and offline services for convenience stores. Feng graduated from Nankai University as a postgraduate student in Internet Finance.

Dr. Jianing (George) Yu, Ph.D. is a respected economist who has achieved recognition for his study in the realm of the digital economy and Blockchain industry. Dr. Yu served as the director of the Institute of Industrial Economics at the Information Center of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. While there, after having devoted many years to policy research, he was instrumental in the drafting and studying a wide range of policies. Dr. Yu founded Huobi University, an educational and research institution focusing on the frontier fields of new distributed business models, new applications of Blockchain technology, and new digital finance systems. Currently, Dr. Yu currently serves as the president of Huobi University, deputy director of the Blockchain Committee of the China Communications Industry Association, member of the China Computer Federation’s Blockchain Committee, and special expert of the Blockchain Pilot Zone within the Hainan Pilot Free-Trade Port.

Dr. Yu’s dedicated study makes him a top blockchain expert throughout the realm of IT. In addition to winning the Global Blockchain Leader award, he’s been included among the “Top Ten Blockchain Figures in China” and was named the “Blockchain Industry Leader in China” in 2019. He has been invited to teach blockchain courses at some of the world’s most prestigious schools, including Peking University, Tsinghua University, University of Hong Kong, and China Europe International Business School. Dr. Yu has also participated in CCTV’s and BTV’s blockchain programs. His views have been widely reported by CCTV (Focus Report and Economic News), Xinhua News Agency, Economic Daily, Economic Information Daily, China National Radio, People’s Daily Online, CNR News, Coindesk, and other global media venues.

Dr. Wei Xu, Co-Chairman of the Company, commented, “I am excited to welcome Feng and Dr. Yu to our executive leadership team. As leaders in Blockchain and computer engineering industries, both Feng and Dr. Yu will bring significant Fintech and operational leadership experience to Code Chain. With their involvement, we expect to better achieve the Company’s mission of cryptocurrency expansion through merging industry experts.”

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