MyCrypto Completely Revamps; Launches New Multi-Account Ethereum Wallet Manager

MyCrypto, Inc., an open-source interface that simplifies the process of storing, sending, and receiving digital assets, announced today it has launched a new version of the platform.

MyCrypto’s new platform empowers users to manage all of their Ethereum accounts in one place. Other interfaces offer single-account management or read-only multi-account viewing, and MyCrypto is going a step further by allowing users to take action upon all of their Ethereum accounts from their MyCrypto Dashboard.

Part of the launch also includes ‘Protected Transactions,’ which is a feature designed to prevent sending money to scams (or any unintended addresses), which are prevalent in the industry. Additionally, the launch includes a top-down rebuilding of the entire platform’s design, a membership subscription, and a laundry list of UX-enhancing features.

The launch comes at a time when the Ethereum ecosystem is seeing a massive increase in adoption:

In December 2020, Ethereum 2.0 took the first steps towards launch and has nearly 3 Million ETH locked into it’s proof of stake contract.
The number of unique Ethereum addresses recently surpassed 130 Million – an increase of 50 Million in just the past 12 months.
Blockchain and cryptocurrency are gaining attention around the globe due to the recent $GME, r/wallstreetbets, and Robinhood happenings.
“This increase in adoption comes with the demand for easier access to multiple accounts,” said Taylor Monahan, Founder & CEO of MyCrypto. “It’s a common practice for users to have multiple accounts to help preserve their privacy and anonymity, and we’re adjusting to meet these needs.”

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