T-REX Exchange Announces Its Expansion to E-Commerce

T-REX Global Enterprise, the holding company of T-REX Global OU Estonia, owner of the platform is pleased to announce that the platform will be expanding, horizontally and vertically, the ecosystem built on the blockchain network. This is built on its successful 18-month pilot operation in various countries in which massive continuous improvements to the platform were made to improve user experience and ease of use.

T-REX’s next phase will enable users worldwide to easily participate in the new blockchain-based economy, making peer-to-peer transactions of services and goods become borderless and at one’s fingertips. Based on the ever-increasing popularity of blockchain technology, the platform will be able to touch the unbanked population – a huge untapped market and will be able to connect them to the worldwide economy.

“Our service will enable people with just a smartphone to join the community where they are able to trade, exchange goods and services securely as we provide an easy-to-use workflow tightly integrated into an escrow payment model built on the blockchain network,” says Mr. Yoshitake Yamamoto, Chief Strategy Officer of T-REX. “We are building an ecosystem of peer-to-peer economies for everyone. It is entirely borderless and at one’s fingertips.”

The platform will soon roll out several payment methods and processes that will aim to enable its users to join this evolution and improve their well being. For starters, trading of popular gift cards will be introduced, with an automated and by-progress payment release workflow which will reduce dramatically time spent and disputes on doing transactions. Goods, second-handed goods and services are also in the pipeline for the immediate future.

“We are making massive steps toward our vision when we first established the company, which is to bring wealth and prosperity to everyone, especially the unbanked population in the world,” says Mr. Chau Vu, founder and CEO of T-REX Global. “Approximately 2 billion people globally are unbanked and that represents a huge market. We are excited with the platform and believe it will bring massive improvement to everyone’s life. If you have a smartphone with internet connection, you are welcome to join and make a good income.”

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