ValueLabs Announces Bitcoin Linked Options For Employees Globally

On a day when there is a lot of excitement related to the digital monetary energy within the Bitcoin network, ValueLabs, a global technology services provider, is glad to announce the launch of a product they believe will be of great value to employees in organizations across the globe: Bitcoin Linked Options.

Bitcoin has been growing at an exponential rate for almost a decade, and can well be regarded as the fastest growing stock in the world. Bitcoin Linked Options are also unique as they are inherently transferrable, regardless of where you work and they are not essentially tied to the company you work for.

ValueLabs intends to make this offering available as a cloud-based, self-serve platform, powered by smart contracts, leveraging trust inherent in the blockchain technology. In countries where there are regulatory issues, ValueLabs shall find local currency options linked to the Bitcoin price.

Arjun Rao, Founder and CEO of ValueLabs said, “We have now entered a world where the clock speed has just changed – the same amount of value that could be created in a year in the past, can now be created in a matter of minutes as long as we are tied into the monetary energy and the Bitcoin network. In about 5-10 years, 1 Bitcoin could be potentially worth a million. The goal is to make our employees millionaires.”

As a global company, with 31 locations worldwide, ValueLabs will make Bitcoin Linked Options available to their global employee base of over 5,500 associates to help create sustainable wealth for their employees.

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