Bridge Mutual to Provide Discretionary Coverage to Investors on YOP Finance’s Yield Optimization Platform and Protocol

Bridge Mutual, the decentralized, peer-to-peer discretionary coverage platform for digital assets, today announced a partnership with YOP, a yield optimization platform & protocol for DeFi. Through this partnership, Bridge Mutual will provide users of YOP’s mobile application the ability to easily purchase discretionary coverage for their investments directly through the app.

YOP will integrate Bridge Mutual into its yield optimization platform, allowing Bridge Mutual to provide coverage to investors. YOP’s soon to be released mobile application enables investors to store their funds and invest them into yield generating pools automatically and autonomously.

“We’re excited to partner with innovative protocols such as YOP, which enable investors to effectively manage their assets and achieve maximum yields,” said Mike Miglio, CEO of Bridge Mutual. “By integrating Bridge Mutual into their platform, YOP users can now obtain discretionary coverage to ensure that their staked assets are protected from loss.”

“Bridge Mutual is well positioned to become a significant decentralised cover provider. We are pleased to integrate this innovative protocol and improve our customer’s experience in the YOP platform,” said Atif Yaqub, Founder, YOP.  “We are also excited to explore opportunities to extend our yield optimisation protocol  to support Bridge Mutual pools. We believe this will be a fruitful partnership further stemming from the Polkstarter family of projects.”        

Last year, an estimated $200 million USD in digital assets were lost in attacks on major digital asset services. Bridge Mutual mitigates the risk of loss of funds resulting from hacked or exploited smart contracts, exchange hacks or theft, price crashes in stablecoins, and other digital asset vulnerabilities with a platform that allows users to provide and purchase discretionary coverage. 

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