RowanPay Launches Blockchain Payments Network

Major retail companies and small business owners alike regularly have to deal with high interchange fees, slow settlement times, card skimming and chargebacks. By replacing traditional payment processing with new blockchain technology, RowanPay revolutionizes the everyday activity of making a payment.

The network integrates effortlessly with traditional Payment Processors. Merchants are settled within 24 hours. Processing B2B and Cross-border payments can benefit from RowanPay’s flexibility as well.

The RowanPay network was built from the ground up focusing on security, speed and scalability. All data is encrypted and the immutable nature of a blockchain means data cannot be changed. RowanPay plans to launch its escrow product later this year. “Blockchain will change the way the way the financial sector has done business for the last 50 years,” said RowanPay CEO Carrie Sattler.

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