RAIR Launches Decentralized Digital Rights Management Platform, Powering Digital Scarcity for Creators

RAIR today announced the launch of its decentralized digital rights management platform, built to power digital scarcity for creators. RAIR provides universal middleware encryption which acts as a ‘secure digital stream,’ letting anyone publish and distribute media while retaining full ownership and earnings for their work. RAIR tokens unlock proprietary content via an encrypted streaming link. The RAIR platform is ideal for audio, video, books, digital collectibles and more; and helps creators connect directly with their audiences in a way that is secure, trackable, and profitable.

Today, only the upper echelon of creators earn a sustainable income on platforms like Amazon, Apple, Medium, Netflix, Patreon, Spotify, Substack, and YouTube. Writers, performers, and other creators are hit with high fees and unfair terms when they use these centralized services to distribute their work. The current alternative, self-distribution, is a challenge because it does not provide protection or proof of ownership. RAIR solves this challenge by giving creators the tools to own and distribute their work while receiving direct earnings.

“When I wrote my first book, I realized there was no viable publishing platform that would let me sell limited-edition copies. Services like Kindle Direct Publishing take the majority of an author’s proceeds, and are frankly predatory. I knew that with today’s advances in blockchain technology, there had to be a better way,” said Garrett Minks, Chief Technology Officer at RAIR. “We developed RAIR to give authors and other creators the tools to publish and protect what is rightfully theirs.”

RAIR uses a decentralized key management node system that allows users to create transferable digital assets that are tied to the actual underlying content. With RAIR, creators can turn any type of media into an encrypted, access-controlled file that is accessible on any type of browser, making any digital file scarce and therefore valuable. This ensures that all content is attributed to its creator, introducing a system where people can be fairly compensated for their work. RAIR replaces the old-fashioned watermark, and also works with academic materials, podcasts, 3D printing files, source code, artwork, and more.

“With RAIR, the creator is the gatekeeper of their own content, rather than a centralized big tech platform,” said Gunther Sonnenfeld, CEO of RAIR. “The creator only needs to upload their content to RAIR. We provide payment processing and a library/repository backend, making it easy for anyone to purchase content via credit card with the knowledge that everything they read, listen to, or download is being fairly compensated for.”

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