1KOSMOS Is Selected to Be Part of the Fifth Generation of Alestra’s Innovation Program

1Kosmos, the world’s only cybersecurity solution that combines indisputable digital identity proofing with advanced biometrics, passwordless authentication, today announced the company was selected by Alestra, the Mexican IT Services company, to be part of the fifth generation of its NAVE open innovation program. For the next 16 weeks, 1Kosmos will introduce its technology to Alestra’s clients with the objective of formalizing business alliances and strengthening Alestra’s portfolio of digital transformation services. Alestra has over 18,000 clients and over 90 percent of the top financial companies in Mexico as their customers.


Since 2016 Alestra has carried out open innovation processes through its NAVE program to strengthen its culture as an innovative organization. In the last five years, the collaboration between Alestra and startups selected in the NAVE program has facilitated the development of seven new products and connections to over 100 key clients amounting to a total of 36 million pesos in innovation services sold.

BlockID, developed by 1Kosmos, is a Digital Identity and Passwordless solution that verifies a user’s identity prior to the authentication process hence eliminating fraud and providing frictionless customer experience. BlockID enrolls users by triangulating a given claim with a multitude of company or government-issued documents as well as sources of truth, including advanced, unspoofable biometrics. BlockID reaches the highest level of identity insurance (IAL3) and authentication insurance (AAL3) per the NIST 800-63-3 guidelines. The solution is W3C and GDPR compliant and built on leading industry standards. 

Michael Engle, 1Kosmos’s Chief Strategy Officer, said, “We are very excited to be a winner of the NAVE program out a rigorous evaluation competing against a thousand other innovative companies. This partnership with Alestra is another strong validation of our vision and platform to disrupt the Cybersecurity space.”

Jenaro Martínez, Director of Innovation and Strategic Alliances with Alestra added, “At Alestra, we are very excited to have 1Kosmos as part of the latest edition of our NAVE Open Innovation Program. They were selected after analyzing more than a thousand scaleups around the world, and we are sure that their unique password less identity solution based on blockchain will help companies like ours to enable our digital transformation.”

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