Own the Masterpieces of the Future as Living Paintings of Light – Crypto Artist Olzup Offers Two Pieces of Digital Fine Art on Rarible

Crypto artist, Olzup recently announced he had placed two pieces of original digital art up for sale as NFTs on Rarible.com. The two works – “Rush” and “Landscapes” – are animated gif explorations of timeless artistic themes. “Rush” blends pastel blue skies, jagged mountains, and the rushing fluidity of water to illustrate the chaotic beauty and energy of life. While “Landscapes” features cascading fountains of light that wash through scenes as brief explosions of illuminating radiance before being consumed by darkness. Rarible is a trusted NFT platform that uses the established power and irrefutability of the blockchain to ensure ownership of crypto assets.

“‘Rush’ plays with water, stone, earth and sky – blending these elements to showcase a verdant landscape flushed with life. It evokes a deep forest glen, with pure mountain snow melt splashing down to feed the roots of ancient trees. It’s a celebration of the living world. And ‘Landscapes’ is an exploration of light – how light conjures, defines, and illuminates our reality. Light is the primeval power of creation itself – without it, we would see nothing, feel nothing, have nothing. The sun explodes with light and energy every single day, feeding the solar system, the earth – and us, ultimately – every single second that we’re here. And just like us, light is in a constant battle against tides of darkness. That’s really what ‘Landscapes’ is all about.”  

When asked about the crypto art movement, Olzup commented:

“Well, there are really two broad categories of crypto art at this point – you might think of them as first-generation and second-generation schools. First-generation crypto art is based on crypto itself – using themes from pop culture, politics, society, etc. and working those tropes and archetypes actually into the art itself. They really started the movement. A recent example by first-generation artist Beeple just went up for auction at Christie’s, and it’s expected to sell for millions. This is the first time a purely virtual work has been auctioned in such a way – it’s a major milestone for crypto art.”

“Second-generation crypto-artists have broadened their studio interests considerably. In my work, I use AI tools, and I combine multiple original images into one gif. We’re artists who create digital pieces that are as original and compelling as anything you might find in a traditional gallery – because they’re utterly dynamic and alive. But rather than paint or clay, we fashion art from 21st century digital mediums, using electricity and light.”

“I plan to spend 10% of my income on marketing so that my art works become worth more money over time as I become more popular. This will make it so you can resell my art for a higher price in the future.”

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