FP Markets launches FP Markets Social Trading

Whether you are looking to trade as a Copier or offer trading strategies as a Provider, FP Markets Social Trading ensures that you will be in control.

Copy trading removes some of the complexities of forex and CFD trading and allows clients a more accessible entry point to trade in the global financial markets by following successful traders, or providers. These providers are ranked by FP Markets  based on their profitability in a given period of time and potential copiers have the ability to view their complete trading history and past performance.  

Traders can not only access more than 60 currency combinations , they can also trade in more than 50 of the largest stocks in  the world, including Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon. For investors looking for a more diverse product range, FP Markets offers high-class prices on the largest commodities  as well as the  most traded  indices from the largest global exchanges. For clients interested in  cryptocurrencies , Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple are available.

Craig Allison , Head of Europe, Middle East and Africa, commented: ” FP Markets Social Trading allows traders to automatically find, follow and copy successful traders. Since its beta launch in early March, we have seen huge demand for FP Markets Social Trading with huge adoption in registrations and higher activity and engagement rates, especially on social media. We are delighted with the emergence of a new class of trader and their growing interest in Forex Trading  and  Contracts For Difference (CFDs), who prefers to analyze the performance of experienced traders and replicates their trading behavior. Adding this functionality to our market-leading trading and pricing conditions makes FP Markets the essential broker for professionals and those just beginning their trading journey.

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Narayan Joshi , Product Manager, added: ” There is a growing trend among users towards social trading platforms like this one that offer social trading on Forex  and  CFDs  and combine stocks, indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies and community. FP Markets Social Trading offers a high-class solution for serious traders and is also available on all Android and iOS devices for clients who want to trade on the move. “

How does Social Trading work ?:

  • You do not need to develop your own trading plan
  • Follow the performance of successful traders in real time
  • Mimic the trading behavior of professional traders with a proven track record  
  • No trading decisions needed
  • Stay in control: Functionality allows multiple copy trading options and risk management strategies 
  • Fully automatic trading
  • Become part of a community that includes traders of all skill levels and choose who you want to copy  

FP Markets is a case of growth in a large and fast-growing market and in the fast-paced world of online trading it is a renowned Forex and CFD broker that has been consistently at the forefront, leading the way as one of Australia’s leading Fintech companies .  

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