Telos Launches T-Starter to Help Projects Fundraise and Build on the Telos Blockchain

Telos , the most active blockchain in the world according to Blocktivity, today announced the launch of T-Starter, a platform to help founders fundraise and build on the Telos blockchain. T-Starter combines cross-chain bridges and a fixed-pool swap platform to help blockchain projects raise funds more effectively than they could on Ethereum, with 10,000 transactions per second (TPS) and zero gas fees.

“Projects like Polkastarter are showing that a decentralized approach to fundraising can out-perform legacy strategies, and now we’re bringing that capability to Telos,” said Douglas Horn, Telos chief architect. “Telos has always found ways to fund new projects through grants and community-voted Telos Works proposals. T-Starter adds a powerful new tool for getting projects higher levels of funding and support to accelerate to the next level and increase the value of the Telos network in the process.”

Rising activity in the DeFi and NFT sectors have driven Ethereum’s gas prices up and led to transaction backlogs. As a result, building projects on Ethereum and using Ethereum-based services has become prohibitively expensive. Telos solves this by offering one of the fastest networks in the world at 10,000 transactions per second (TPS) with zero gas fees, making it the perfect candidate to drive further innovation and adoption in the blockchain sector.

As a fully grassroots project, Telos accepted no outside funding at launch in 2018. Its adoption by projects ranging from gaming to social media to green tech has been fully organic and driven by the strength of its features, foundation, and community. T-Starter will further boost this adoption by helping projects gather the resources needed to launch and grow on Telos. The platform uses pNetwork to power its cross-chain token swap pools using ETH, pBTC, and eventually a USD stablecoin.

Telos has many advantages over other platforms that make it the most advanced blockchain software for smart contracts and decentralized applications. Telos’ governance structure gives developers and community members control of the platform to a greater extent than any comparable blockchain, rather than a centralized entity, small groups, or individual whaled and these governance functions are made available to any Telos developers to use in their own DApps via the Telos Decide governance engine.

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