Overline Launches ‘Interchange,’ Its Cross-Chain Trading Platform With 95% Lower Fees Than Its Competitors

Overline Network is officially launching its decentralized marketplace “Overline Interchange” this Thursday, March 18.

Built using Overline’s interoperability protocol, the Interchange is a trading platform that embodies the core principles of decentralized finance and bridges the divide between DeFi 1.0 and Layer 2 multi-chains. The Interchange brings cross-chain trades without the use of validators, intermediaries or wrapped Ethereum tokens to the DeFi space. Unlike centralized exchanges, the Interchange has no withdrawal, deposit or trading fees. While this is a common selling point for decentralized exchanges, the Interchange improves on those advancements by removing the dependence on a singular network to execute cross-chain trades, thereby avoiding bottlenecks, DNS attacks, and circumnavigating high gas prices. 

Given its use of the Overline multichain, the Interchange offers a unique price advantage over current centralized and decentralized exchanges. Binance, Kraken, and Coinbase have, at minimum, 4.3 times more total fees than users will experience on the Interchange. In the decentralized exchange arena, Interchange users will experience over 95% less in ETH fees than equivalent trades on Uniswap.

The Interchange also puts users squarely in control of their assets. Unlike other decentralized exchanges or swap-based protocols that require services like MEW or MetaMask, the Interchange does not require the use of third-party or custodial wallets, letting users retain complete ownership of their funds at all times. 

The Interchange supports trades between Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, DAI, NEO, Waves, and Lisk, in addition to the native coins of the Overline Network: Overline (OL) and Emblems (EMB).

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