IQST – iQSTEL Prototypes IoT Solution Based On Its Award Winning Technology For Fortune 500 Client

iQSTEL, Inc. , an international provider of Telecom, Technology, Fintech and Blockchain solutions, today announced a pending field test at a Fortune 500 client site of a two-way, Internet of Things (IoT) communication device for a chemical industry application that includes a back and front-end platform to run as a Mobile App. The field test is anticipated to be up and running by mid-April, 2021.

Last month, iQSTEL announced entering into a letter of intent (LOI) agreement with a prominent Fortune 500 company and leader within the global chemical industry.

The potential Fortune 500 client was exploring a potential business engagement with iQSTEL’s Technology Division subsidiary, IoT Labs (

IoT Labs’ landmark Smart Gas technology won the Smart Appliance of the Year award from IoT Break Through joining the ranks of other globally recognized industry leaders including¬†Apple, Amazon and General Electric, among other industry leaders.

Since then, iQSTEL has delivered a completed design of its IoTSmartTank that meets all the Fortune 500 client’s requirements. The client is ready to proceed with a field test that will proceed the anticipated manufacture and shipping of an initial 2500 devices.

Look for an update on the iQSTEL IoTSmartGas solution in April.

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